New World of Creepy Crawlies…and Jumpies

The camera cord has arrived!!!

I can finally upload some pictures… I hope you like yourself some little living things. These little guys like to hang around my patio and front door. Every night, there they are! Wonder what they think of my dog….hehehe.

I saw this guy first. How cool right? Just hangs out on my siding….until I caught him sneaking a peek in my living room through the sliding glass door…cheeky!

This guy LOVED the stare down….three inches away, and he didn’t even flinch!

Finally, I swear this guy would knock on my door if he could. Every night, there he is, by my front door. I am guessing he is a bit more friendly than the other two.

Will hopefully have a couple new ones soon of Annika. She was actually in the mood to take some pictures!