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POP Goes the Calendar! | Savannah, GA Photographer

So once in a while you will see me posting something so completely unrelated to photography, you will wonder what you stumbled upon. This latest entry….


That’s right…a calendar comprised of all of those bubbles that you would fight your brother to pop first.

Tell me you aren’t dying to try this out!!!

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  • Becky

    I would pop the entire year at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    Cute idea! That would be fun! Although, I don’t think I just pop one a day. ;-)

  • Oh man, my boys would SO love this.

  • evie

    Seriously, my kids would be ALL OVER that!!

  • Oh that is fun thanks for sharing it!

  • Tyjuana Hill-Smith

    Love this!! I afraid I wouldn’t be able to just pop one bubble a day!!!

  • Renee

    Oh that’s hysterical! What is it about those things, we HAVE to pop them!

  • christina

    ohhhh this is TOO cool! i gotta get one of these!

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