Savannah Georgia Worldwide Photo Walk

I was so lucky to be able to join with other photographers from around the Savannah area and photograph this beautiful city. The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is a world wide event that gathers photographers from all over the world in different cities, all taking pictures, usually in a downtown area or trendy section of town. It is the second annual photo walk, and this year was bigger than the first!What I love about it is that there were photographers of all levels there, with everything from the point and shoots to the high end DSLRs. It is just a day to enjoy photography.

I brought my daughter with me, and I was so impressed with how well she did. She loved touring the Historic District. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine…and humidity…which can’t be avoided in Savannah I am afraid. I was challenging myself to take some new shots for me…a lot of landscape and architecture. I also tried some new processing on these.

I encourage everyone to look into this for next year…whether you take random snapshots of your kids….or whether you are a high end photographer.

There are more coming…but wanted to get some up since I have been so excited about this shoot.

The Tunnel – As my daughter called it


Random Red Door

Archway, at I believe SCAD – yes that is me in the reflection!

Random Sidewalk

I really need to get to know Savannah more, so I can properly identify what I am photographing 🙂

City Hall

Sidewalk along Abercorn St.

Fence in one of the squares…to keep people from getting hurt (according to my daughter)

Cool van passing by

Barber Shop…yes, there are still barber shops with a pole and everything!