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Crazy Weather in Savannah, GA

What a busy week I have had. My parents are down visiting from IL, and of course they have to be welcomed with crazy storms. Par for the course down here I tell them…around 5pm you can see the skies darkening, usual occurrence. Well, this one didn’t drop any rain on us, but it sure gave us a lightning storm!

I am excited to get some senior shots up soon…keep popping back, I am LOVING the backdrops Savannah provides, particularly for seniors!

All I have to say, thank goodness I am not getting paid to take lightning photographs….otherwise I would have to take in my shingle, because it is very difficult!

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  • Becky Cole

    Yikes!! I can almost hear the CRACK!!! Summer in Savannah

  • Charlotte Stringer

    That is awesome! I love it!!! You are good!!!

  • Renee Whiting

    Wow, that is some lightening! I think you did great capturing it! I can almost hear it from here!

  • shannon kelley

    congrats!! looks great!

  • shannon kelley

    wow! that is amazing! I can’t believe you captured that…I would have been hiding inside:)

  • natasah

    wow these are amazing!

  • evie

    Wow! I think these are beautiful, Britt!

  • Ca-RACK!! Pretty cool. I’ve never tried photographing lighting… and it’s a good thing I didn’t decide to tackle it this year because we’ve had two (count ’em, TWO!) thunderstorms all spring/summer!! So unusual for Wisconsin…

  • Petra

    very cool..I love a good T-storm so long as I am indoors lol

  • These are awesome and kinda scary! Very cool that you captured the lightning, I’ve tried before and never succeeded. Great job!

  • Very cool, can’t tell you how many hours I waited to capture lighting, its so hard, great job on these.

  • wow! goodness!

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