Why Snapshots Are So Important!

It  is because of my daughter that I started expressing my artistic side with photographs.

So I get out my big fancy camera…I put on my awesome sharp lens…I adjust my settings for that perfect exposure….I press that button….I hit delete.

I hit that button again…I hit delete.

I hit that button again…I hit delete.

Why you ask? Because they aren’t perfect. Maybe an eye is closed….maybe she looked away at just the wrong moment….maybe her hair is covering her eyes.

Then I slap myself (not even kidding here). “What are you thinking? This is your daughter…the one that is growing WAY to fast. Stop worrying about all those important photography “rules” (ps, there are no rules) and just capture the moment.”

This is why snapshots are so important…..for everyone from the mom with a point and shoot camera to the professional who pulls in six figures.

So I bring you Snapshot Tuesday! Here are some snapshots from the week….could be of my daughter, my husband, even the town I live in. But they are snapshots that mean the world to me. :)

This series is from a cupcake that Annika ate last week. We had gone to a July Birthday Party that was held for all the July birthdays in the local Moms Group. Annika was more interested in the park, so we saved her cupcake for home.

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