I have been missing in action the last two weeks. I wish I had some wonderful reason, but unfortunately it was to go home and mourn the loss of my father in law. I can’t even begin to share what a horrible loss we all felt when George passed. I thought if I waited a couple weeks to post about it I could do it without crying. Didn’t happen.

I liked George as soon as I met him. It was because of George that I knew Brian would be a wonderful husband and father. I knew I loved Brian, but the way I saw George interact with his wife Toni and his boys Brian and Todd, I knew anyone raised with that kind of love would be wonderful as a partner and parent.

I know grandparents hold a special place in their heart for their grandchildren. They get all the pluses (kisses and hugs) and none of the minuses (tantrums and tuition bills). They spend quality time together, and just when exhaustion sets in, they send them home. :) George was beyond a wonderful grandfather to Annika, and her cousins Ethan and Josh. The way his eyes lit up when they were around was just magical. It is what every parent hopes for when they add a grandchild to their own parents lives.

I remember one holiday I spent at the Andersons when Brian and I were first dating. My mother in law was so excited to have another female in the house to talk with. All the girls were in the kitchen yapping and the men were watching golf in the living room. My mother in law said, come on Britt, the women are in the kitchen. But I said, no thank you, I want to catch this round of golf. I could see a smile pass over George’s face as he said, you like golf? Yes, George was a big golf nut. I bet money is playing a pretty intense round right about now wishing everyone could know the great score he just got. :)

So while I get back to business, preparing for new clients, preparing for the Christmas rush of holiday cards and portraits, I wanted to share this with all of you. Here is my Annika with her Grandpa. We will miss you George and will be blessed when we see each other again.

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