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Snapshot Tuesday! | Savannah Photographer

We haven’t had one of these in a while! Today I spent the day with Annika running around Savannah doing some fun stuff. I could photograph Savannah all day long, I feel very blessed to live here. Not to mention it was a beautiful 78 degrees today.

First we visited The Christmas Carol Train Tour which was just outstanding. Annika had her face morphed into one of the characters (I think her name was Belle? ) We then saw a preview of the movie. I will tell you now, it is a must see! It is in 3D, and while I was worried Annika might freak out, she was simply mesmerized by it. We will need to go to a matinée because she couldn’t stop shouting out, “Look Mom!!!”, “Mom, snowflakes!”, “Mommy, that guy is mean!”….I do hope to show her that Scrooge does in fact turn into a nice guy…uh oh…did I just give away the ending? :)

Next, we went down to the River….Annika calls this Downtown City. “Mom, can we go for a walk in Downtown City?” When we are there, we can’t help but stop for lunch at our favorite spot Tubby’s Tank House. Get the Fried Green Tomato BLT….YUM!!!!!

Last, we headed into the Historic District to see if we could get a glimpse at the filming of Robert Redford’s new movie, The Conspirator. The movie stars James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn. It is a movie about Mary Surratt who was convicted of taking part in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and was the first woman executed by the US Government. I love history, and I can’t wait to see it! We did get a glimpse of James McAvoy, who plays Surratt’s lawyer.

So here are some shots from the day. Hope you enjoy!

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  • k

    That’s so exciting! Sounds like an interesting movie, both of them!

  • Petra

    oh my goodness that first one freaked me out haaa too funny! How exciting. Beautiful images!!

  • ~Jen~

    Wow! That sounds like such a fun day! And your images are always inspiring!

  • This is so cool Britt!!! I am totally in LOVE with Savannah and hope to shoot there the next time that I visit! That first image is so neat…kinda freaky but I like it!!! ;-)

  • LOL that first one is TTD! Scared the living daylouts outta me! LOL Love what you captured – looks like an awesome day was had!

  • Just the name ‘Savannah’ sounds wonderful, and your shots just prove it :-)

  • Now that is cool to be so close to a movie set! Neat pics!

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