James McAvoy | Savannah Photographer

I have to admit, when I first went to take pictures of the Conspirator filming here in Savannah, all I knew was that Robert Redford was involved. I had never even heard of James McAvoy. When I took the first picture of him, posted here, I had no idea who he was, he just looked important, and he was in costume :) After doing a little search, I found out it was James McAvoy.

Suddenly, I was getting tons of visitors looking for more about James McAvoy…I even received some email from loyal James McAvoy fans asking for more! I managed to find one more, here it is! Not the best, but I am soon learning, McAvoy fans want anything and everything! I will continue to be on the lookout for more…they will be winding down filming soon, so I will try my best!

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