Snapshot Tuesday – Holly Days!

This past weekend, Savannah hosted their annual Holly Days celebration! Being that it is our first year here in Savannah, I am trying to experience as much as I can of this great little city. We were actually really excited to see what Savannah would do for snow and ice!

There were tons of little booths set up down Broughton Street. Santa was on one end, with a stage in the middle featuring various performers. At the end of Broughton Street was the ice skating rink. How could Savannah, with temps in the low 70’s handle an ice skating rink? Well…it wasn’t really ice :) It was this heavy plastic floor. However, it gave many kids the opportunity to “skate” when they might not be able to otherwise.

We made our way over to Reynolds Square where they had two snow areas set up. One was for the bigger kids, and you better look out or you were going to get pummeled! Snowball fights were aplenty. We headed to the 3 and up area and Annika got to play in the snow. I don’t think she was nearly as excited as some of the other kids. When you come from Wisconsin, you know what snow REALLY is. :)

Here are a couple snapshots…love being a photographer in Savannah :)

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