A Year in Review | Savannah Photographer

I meant to post this yesterday…being the official start to the new year, but I wasn’t quite ready. I had to go through and find my favorite shots of 2009. This was tough…I started out trying to find my top ten….but I just couldn’t do it…so I did my top 15. So here they are, in no particular order!

Miss Savannah…you will see those gorgeous eyes again down post 🙂

This is Henry, an adorable newborn.

This goes against my portrait selections, but it was one of my first Savannah photographs I took when I moved to Georgia.

Here is a senior I photographed with fellow photographers in downtown Savannah on the River.

Here is Miss Savannah again! Look at those eyes….swoon.

Miss Delia was turning one…and had the most adorable cheeks!

The T Family….and gorgeous Tybee Island

I could have chatted up these two all day long…

ahhh…a former Kindergarten student turns Senior in High School….I am so old.

This family wanted some shots before Daddy was deployed…but how could I not show this cutie in his overalls?

I loved this family…the older boy was so polite and the younger one had so much energy…a good pair 🙂

My first maternity!

Tell me you didn’t just go, “awwwww” after seeing this shot!

These two were two of the most well behaved youngsters I have ever met! I wish this three year old could teach my three year old how she does it!

My latest maternity…I want to look that good, and I am not even expecting!