Love How Our Garden Grows | Savannah Photographer

Gardening for the Andersons is in our blood. My grandfather was a gardener, my mom is a gardener, my husband has a horticultural degree, and I love gardening. So I had no doubt that Annika would become a lover of gardening as well. I am new to this zone 8 thing here in Savannah, Georgia. I am hoping to get to grown some new plants down here.

When I went out to get all the supplies to start our garden this year, I picked up three “kits” for kids to have their own garden. She gets to grow a sunflower, a pumpkin and a watermelon. She was so excited, she kept shouting, “I get my own garden, I get my own garden!” She couldn’t wait to get started. Of course, right after the seeds were planted, she wanted to know when they would grow. “I am going to go take a nap and when I wake up, they will be plants!” Yeah, right.

Are they ready now Mom? Can I keep them by my bed so I can watch them grow?

As we explore gardening here in Savannah, I will continue to document our progress throughout the spring, summer and fall.

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