Thankful Thursday | Savannah GA Photographer

It is easy to find things to be thankful for in my small little universe when there is so much tragedy happening in Haiti right now.

When I feel sad that my poor Annika has pneumonia, I remember she is alive with me…we have good health insurance…she will be better soon.

When I feel angry that my electric bill doubled this month, I remember that I have heat when I am cold….that I have clean water to drink.

When I feel depressed that I can’t buy those cute flip flops I saw at the mall, I remember that I have clothes on my back…that I have a roof over my head.

When I feel lonely because my family and most of my friends are a thousand miles away, I remember that they are still with me, even if they are far away….that I will see them again soon.

I am thankful for so much…so many things that are easy to forget.

What are you thankful for?