A First Haircut | Savannah Child Photographer

When Annika was born, she was born with a full head of BLACK hair. Needless to say, my husband and I were a bit shocked, as we had blonde hair when we were little…my husband still does. However within a few days we knew she would go blonde and slowly the dark hair fell out and was replaced by blonde hair. A blondie she has been ever since!

Aside from her bangs and one time snip across the back by mom, Annika had never had a professional haircut. When I made an appointment for us she was a little nervous….as was I. She isn’t known for sitting still very long (hmmm, wonder who she gets that from?) and I worried they would get half way done and she would be done, leaving the salon with half a do done.

We headed over to Atmospheres Salon in Savannah, where I have been before, to meet up with Miss Melissa for our haircuts. Annika wanted to go first (wow!) As soon as Miss Melissa pulled out a brand new penguin cape, Annika was thrilled. She still hasn’t stopped talking about it 🙂

Annika sat absoluetly still the entire time…yeah, why can’t she do that for me??? I was so thrilled with her haircut (and mine!). If you are ever in need of a great place to get your hair did….give them a call…make sure to ask for Melissa, and tell her Britt sent ya!