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Location, Location, Location | Savannah Photographer

At least once a week, my daughter and I like going to Downtown City (ie. Savannah, GA). We try and walk around to new places, go to a new store, see a new square. Inevitably we end up on the River, Annika’s favorite place.

We went through some back alley’s to check out some new locations for some upcoming shoots, and it just reminded me why I love working in Savannah! I can shoot in beautiful parks, gorgeous beaches, and funky urban back alleys…..all in the same town!

Now…while I love my daughter, and thinks she looks down right adorable…I would LOVE to find some new clients to photograph against this incredible backdrop. I am looking for seniors or couples who are looking for some fun, urban shoots downtown. If you are up for it, give me a call or drop me a line and we will talk of a sweet deal!

Here is just a few of the many locations I found…

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  • I know you already know this but Holy Crap your kid is CUUUUUUTE!!! LOVE these esp the first one!!

  • Rhonda Imbeault

    Love these. Georgia is absolutely beautiful but that model of yours is GORGEOUS!

  • I love the location, and your daughter is so cute. It looks like you have taught her well, how to pose. LOL

  • charlotte stringer

    She is so stinking cute!! I tell you.. I have a cutie pie for her when she is 30! Since I won’t let him date til’ he is 29!! Anyway.. great job on these!

  • Becky

    Oh Britt!! You have the BEST location! I absolutely love your work and Savannah just makes it that much greater!!

  • I remember walking through Savannah saying “Oh! I’d love to photograph there. And there. Oh there too. Oh and THERE!!!” Endless photographic opportunities you have at your fingertips. I can’t wait to visit Savannah again. I love that first shot and Annika is so precious!!!

  • Looks like u found some awesome new spots! Little A is just too cute for words!

  • evie

    BRITT! That is an awesome spot!!! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve been to the same spot in the third pic.

  • evie

    As a visitor of course. Not as a photog. LOL

  • These are wowza!!! Love the location and well your little one is a doll!!!! Great job!!!

  • Kayla Renckly

    Wow…I want to come visit you after seeing these! Fantastic locations with a cute model :)

  • OH LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! Great locations, I am drooling over here and the model is sooo beautiful as well! <3

  • OH my word these are adorable. Rustic, fun and innocent. Love her she is a doll.

  • Location is right!!!! Wow!!! Great finds Britt! And that model of yours is the perfect tester for these sites!

  • Fantastic locations and wonderful shots. Your daughter is quite a cute little thing, love her smile.

  • LOVE these! That first one with the fisheye is ah-mazing!

  • Tyjuana Hill-Smith

    I love the 1st picture with the fisheye! That red door is to die for…I agree you found a great location!

  • Renee Whiting

    You do have a cute little model! I love Savannah, I think I’ll need to pay you a visit one of these days!

  • that is a wonderful location, beautiful colors and evything else
    and your daugther is becoming a real model already

  • Gorgeous little model!!! I totally <3 this location!! AWESOME!!

  • That’s my kind of town! Just awesome backdrops.

  • What wonderful texture!! Cute little one as well! I love her sweet soft face and hair against the rugged rocks!

  • Deanna Hall

    what wonderful locations you have found! ( and what a sweet model too)!

  • These are stunning. I just love that 3rd image. Absolutely perfect.

  • Elaine

    What a cutie! Love that first fisheye shot. The color is so vibrant on these.

  • Wow!! What a great place to have for portraits! And your little model is adorable!

  • Betty Berg - Cheyenne Photographer

    Your photography is stunning!

  • What fun locations! I’m jealous!

  • Love, love, LOVE this location! I have been wanting to get away to Savannah for a weekend:)

  • Amber Debyah

    WOW!! What an amazing place! I soooo love Savannah!! I bet we will see some sessions taking place there very soon ;)

  • Blessed Life Photography - Kansas City Child Photographer

    These are seriously amazing!! I am absolutely in love with them!! The first one and the third one are my favorites! Just beautiful child portrait photography in a fabulous location!

  • These are so fun! Love the textures! Gorgeous work! I need to find a spot like that here!

  • What a fantastic location! Can’t wait to see the client sessions you photograph here!

  • Christy Doyea

    What a fantastic location. I want a building like that with a red door.

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