Location, Location, Location | Savannah Photographer

At least once a week, my daughter and I like going to Downtown City (ie. Savannah, GA). We try and walk around to new places, go to a new store, see a new square. Inevitably we end up on the River, Annika’s favorite place.

We went through some back alley’s to check out some new locations for some upcoming shoots, and it just reminded me why I love working in Savannah! I can shoot in beautiful parks, gorgeous beaches, and funky urban back alleys…..all in the same town!

Now…while I love my daughter, and thinks she looks down right adorable…I would LOVE to find some new clients to photograph against this incredible backdrop. I am looking for seniors or couples who are looking for some fun, urban shoots downtown. If you are up for it, give me a call or drop me a line and we will talk of a sweet deal!

Here is just a few of the many locations I found…