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Savannah Snow! | Savannah Photographer

ummmm….hello??? snow? Savannah? Georgia?

I will ask again…snow? seriously?

Many will say it just isn’t winter without snow….I say, of course it is! Growing up in Northern Illinois, I know a thing or two about snow. After the prettiness of the falling white flakes go away, you are left with shoveling, freezing, wet, slushy, dirty, messy, slippery snow.

Yes, I get the excitement of snow, particularly from those who are not used to seeing it so much. But in my many years, I have seen several, several, several feet of snow. I am ok skipping it for a year or two…or five.

So when I moved to Savannah I thought, ahhhh….a winter without snow.

Alas, that dream has been crushed.

We got about an inch…I am sure it will be gone by tomorrow….

However…I could be a whiny baby….or I could revel in snow that I don’t have to shovel :)

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  • It was nice to see some now here, as it hardly happens where we live. I was glad to see it come, and glad to see it go. I could not live up north.

    It looks like your daughter enjoyed it.

  • Kim

    Cute picture! She looks cold. You never know what you will get with the weather in the south… =)

  • evie

    I have to admit that I was one of the folks clamoring for a good snowfall this year and now am ready for it all to go away. It has certainly hipped me to the fact that I’m a Southern girl as far as the weather is concerned. LOL!! I’m glad Annika was able to build a snowman before it all turned to mush!!

  • What a cute little snowman! Hopefully next winter you will be lucky enough not to get any snow :)

  • Jenny Jardine

    I wish we could get snow that would be gone the next morning! Love the picture, she is too cute!

  • I had a little giggle when I saw this photo…it’s almost as if Annika and the snowman have the same expression. So glad you found the happiness in Southern snowfall!!!! ;-)

  • Sharon Miller

    Ditto what Amber said about the expressions. So cute. At least it was only an inch.

  • Jason Hoffman- JN Hoffman Photography

    Very Cute Snowman, you gotta be quick to capture snow in the south… :)

  • Betty Berg - Cheyenne Photographer

    So cute! We haven’t had much snow this winter in Cheyenne — no fun for my little girl who loves snow too!

  • Rhonda

    crazy that you have snow! What a cutie you have there!

  • Amber Debyah

    Still can’t believe you got snow there! And had enough for a snowman! How fun!! :)

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