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Five on Friday | Savannah Photographer

It makes me feel good to be able to connect with clients…and I think part of that is from getting to know me a little better. So I try to throw in personal posts every once in a while so you can get a sense of what I am all about. This is where Five on Friday comes from. I will share with you five of my favorite things each Friday…hopefully you will learn some little tidbit that makes you say, “wow, I MUST hire this woman!”

So here is my first Five on Friday

Favorite Savannah Restaurants

1. Tubby’s Tank House on River St.

They have the best Fried Green Tomato BLT EVER!!!!! But Tubby’s is great when you need to stop for some lunch while perusing River Street….and if you are lucky, a ship will go down the river….SHIP SHOTS!!!

2. River House Seafood

Try their Lobster Crab Bisque…YUMMY!!!!

3. Moon River Brewing Company

Ok…I will admit, part of this being on my favorites list is the fact they brew their own beer. :) But their beer goes so well with their food…my favorite is the Crab-Stuffed Chicken.

4. Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub

I know what you are thinking…Scottish Pub in the heart of south? But being that I have a lot of Scottish blood running through me, it is essential I know where I can get some fabulous Fish and Chips…and here my friends, is where you can find it!

5. The Crab Shack

Where the elite eat in their bare feet!

Ok, this one isn’t technically in Savannah…but close enough on Tybee Island. Seriously, you can’t get more touristy than this…and I love everything about it. If you are really hungry for some seafood, get the Sampler Platter….it has it all for you!

Alright, those are mine…how about you? Where do you like to eat in Savannah???

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  • evie

    First of all, thank you for making me crave dishes at all of these places so early in the morning. I just looked at all the menus and am now starving!!! Ok, so it’s been a while since I was in Savannah but the two places I remember eating were really good. One was the Six Pence Pub (i think) and it had an awesome atmosphere and pretty traditional menu. Loved it! And of course, being a big Paula Deen fan we had to eat at the Lady and Sons and it was pretty good. She was there at the time, too, and was really, really down-to-earth. I know for local peeps it’s probably a big tourist spot but we enjoyed it.

    I checked out the Crab Shack menu you posted and can’t WAIT to go there!! Wish I had something from there in front of me right now!!

  • JILL

    OK, I’ll admit, I’m hungrier now… but even without the awesome food suggestions, I can easily tell people, “You MUST hire this woman!!!”

  • Captures by Erin - Fort Worth Maternity Photographer

    Err, I’m not even in Savannah and I’m hungry now. :)

  • Stephanie Drummond

    So now if I go to Savannah I know exactly where you go! And now I’m hungry… :)

  • This made me hungry! LOL

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