Coastal Kids Market | Pooler Family Photographer

All I have to say is WOW!!!

For some reason, consignment sales have eluded the north, because when I lived in Chicago, I don’t recall these types of sales. Moving to Savannah however, I have seen many of these types of sales in the area. I was very luck to hook up with the Coastal Kids Market this year. Not only am I am able to meet with other moms in the area and show them what I LOVE to do, I have become witness to something truly remarkable….the consignment sale opening night.

This first night was for volunteers, consignees, and advertisers. The line started to grow around 5:15….it opened at 6. Women brought boxes of band-aids to help support The Next Generation, but also to get a 15 minute head start to shopping! While I am sure they appreciated the head start, the the Children’s Medical Center at Memorial Hospital will benefit even more thanks to all of the donations.

Moms made their way QUICKLY to the area of the store where they could find their children’s size. It was a mad dash I tell ya! Clothes were flying off the rack with great speed. As arms were becoming overloaded, baskets getting full, they found their way to quiet spots in the store to really start their work. Here they would sort through the clothes to actually decide if that they indeed wanted to purchase that item.

It was something I wasn’t quite prepared for! However, I hear tonight will be the big test. Tonight the Coastal Kids Market Consignment Show will open to the general public, again at 6. I suggest stopping by the local drug store and get some character band aids to get your 15 minute head start….you’re gonna need it!

Coastal Kids Market Pooler Georgia