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About six months ago, I got an email from Heather. She was complimenting me on my work (blush) and asking if I had considered being a photographer for The Littlest Hero Project (now called Inspiration Through Art). Little did she know that I was already a photographer for this great organization!!! The website just hadn’t been updated since I had moved to Savannah. Funny though, just a few days later I get an email asking if I could photograph a local family…and low and behold, it was the P Family!

As things usually go, schedules were crazy, kids get sick…so it wasn’t until now that I had the chance to photograph this family, namely Mr. J. I think it worked out in our favor, as the weather was just fabulous on the river and Mr. J was in a smiling mood!

You know, it is funny….every family I have photographed for this great organization has been forever grateful. They thank me over and over, and the P Family was no exception. They couldn’t have been more gracious. However, I am the thankful one. To meet these  incredible families, who love one another without fail (even through some tears) reminds me how blessed I am, and thankful I can share this gift I have with them. So I thank you, for the opportunity to be a part of your lives.

This sneak peek is a bit larger than normal…I just couldn’t narrow it down! I couldn’t leave out a picture of the GORGEOUS flowers they gave me. It was completely unnecessary, but I must say, I love smelling them everyday. Not to mention, it will now be the yardstick to which every bouquet of flowers my husband gets me will be measured against!

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