My Baby is a Big Girl Now

I knew this day would come…but it never prepared me for the kind of mom I would end up being.

Yes, I am THAT mom.

As a teacher for 12 years, teaching some of the littlest learners, I knew all to well the stress of taking a kid to their first day of school. The thing is, I was on the other side of the table. I was the teacher trying to console the children (and sometimes the parents!) when they were having a hard time. I knew that once the parents left, their child would calm down and end up loving school. For those nervous parents, I knew just what to say to put their mind at ease…to let them know their little prince or princess would be just fine.

When we moved to Savannah, and I was afforded the opportunity to quit teaching to stay home with Annika and focus on my photography, I knew at some point she would have to start school. Today was that day. Annika is now a preschooler!

She had the usual nervousness, but nothing that was going to stop her from going. I, on the other hand, went through every emotion possible. First, I was nervous. Then, I was scared. Then, I was lonely. I was even jealous. Jealous that someone else was getting to spend those 3 hours a day with her instead of me.

But finally, I felt relief. Relief that she was going somewhere where she would learn, grow and be loved. Relief that she WAS able to go without the tears. She was cautious, but confident. The kind of child I hoped she would be.

I did try and keep the positive thoughts going as I drove home after dropping her off. It means I will actually get up and shower before 7am everyday. It means I can get the housework done without someone underfoot wanting to play. But for you, it means some new openings in my schedule for sessions! I am now available during the week in the morning. These slots are perfect for maternities and newborn sessions!

So, without further ado, here is my big girl….and look, you even get a glimpse of me!

Savannah Photographer