Sweet, Sweet Love | Savannah Engagement Photographer

I was blessed to have this session referred to me by a fellow photographer who was unable to take this session on due to being out of town. With an upcoming deployment, a session was necessary PDQ!  Her loss was definitely my gain, as I was lucky to be able to meet Aleks and Rachel.

This adorable couple was preparing for Aleks to head to Iraq. With being engaged for less than a week, and Aleks heading out soon, things were a whirlwind for the couple. But we were able to find a time this weekend to venture around Savannah. Aleks was so sweet, he wanted this session so Rachel would have photographs to keep her spirits up while he was gone. Rachel and Aleks are lucky to have found each other, as we are lucky to have Aleks serving our country for us.

This is the kind of session I love, love, love. To be surrounded by two people in love, I feel truly honored to be a part of it. We found all sorts of little spots around town, and here is a sneak peek of their engagement session. God Bless you both, and Godspeed Aleks!