A Quick Trip to New Orleans

A couple weeks ago I spent a good part of the week traveling. First up north to photograph some clients up there, then I headed to New Orleans.

What you may not have known was that I was headed to New Orleans to attend an incredible photography workshop…one that I had been looking forward to for a very long time. We are talking big names in the photography, sharing what they know with others. A chance to share ideas and learn new techniques is something all photographers thrive on. There is always something new to learn….always some new technique….new inspirations.

What does this mean for you?
The possibilities are endless!

With every new session I get to try something new. You benefit from this new learning, from these new inspiration.

Of course, I need to share some photographs. Most photographs I took were of the many models we got to practice on. One session I worked on, we had a model with gorgeous red hair, porcelain skin, flowing green dress. As we were shooting, a man came approached us. To look at him and feel a little bit nervous was an understatement. Now, he may have had a different look than most, but it was the 5 foot snake wrapped around his neck that gave us the most pause.

So we decided to do a Beauty and the Beast type thing. In between shots, this guy would pull out his harmonica and play us a little song.