It’s Good to Be Home! | Savannah Photographer


Ok, I have it out of my system….haven’t you ever just needed to let out a big scream? Well, I had to do it here since I would probably scare my daughter big time….so you are my lucky recipient.

In the last 11 days I have been in 5 different airports, photographed 6 different families and managed to lose 8 pounds. If only they would stay off, cause I am sure now that I have a chance to breath I will get a chance to eat again.

I headed up north to photograph some of my favorite people up there. Two families were former co-workers when I was teaching up there, and the other family is one I taught for two years. It was great to see family and friends, but it was a quick stop. I will share more about the next leg of my trip next time. For now, here is a montage of some of my favorite photographs from those sessions up north.