It’s Ok….Y’all Can Be Jealous

One of the perks of my job is meeting incredible people….many times virtually. One connection was with addybscakes on twitter. I am not sure how Adrienne and I first connected, but I am sure the fact that she was from Savannah and she made cakes gave me plenty of reason. She would post pictures of her creations and I would just drool.

I must find a reason to need a cake I said!!!

Fast forward a few months, and I meet her husband, fellow photographer Terrence. In person no less.

Well, what do you know! My worlds collide, and Terrence brings me a pound cake from his lovely wife.

Classic Vanilla


So fighting the urge to hide this in the pantry way up high, I decide to share with my family.

Cake? Did someone say cake? Annika was ready for her piece NOW!

I open the box….ummm, no decorations. This was not a cake she says.

I ask her to trust me. This was a pound cake….too good to need decorations! Reluctantly, she agrees to try it.

Thumbs up approval! You have hit the big time Addy B!!!

“Mommy, you don’t need decorations to make a cake good!”

I wonder how often in the future my daughter will agree, I was correct.

If you would like some of this delicious cake, or any other of Addy’s other creations, visit her site, Chef Addy.
You can also purchase from her Etsy site, addybscakes