A friend of mine is blogging Tasty Tuesdays!!!
How awesome right? One stop shop for yummy eats, with great pictures and recipes to go with….yummmmmm.

I thought I would add to the fun with my super secret, delectable turtle brownies.

Now….this is a secret family recipe…handed down from generation to generation…I am only sharing it with you lucky blog followers.

Take a look at these mouth watering brownies…how could you not want one?

Ok, are you ready for the recipe?
You have to promise not to share it with everyone…cause if it gets out, I will be in big trouble with the family…big.

Go to your local store….and you need to pick up…..a box of  Ghirardelli Turtle Brownie Mix.
Then you need to read the directions…..and follow them to.the.letter.

The trick is to NOT wait for them to cool…don’t be fooled by the box. You must enjoy them steaming hot.
Even better is if you burn the roof of your mouth by the hot caramel sticking to it.
I do it every time, and believe me when I say….it only makes them taste better.