Wall Galleries

It is funny, before I switched careers and became a professional photographer, I saw the importance of photographs, but not the importance of showing them off. How many of us have hundreds if not thousands of images sitting on our computer, or even on our cameras!?

Now that I capture these moments for not only myself but others, there is nothing I value more than seeing those captures covering the walls.

If you came to my house you would see my daughter, and other family members everywhere. Some are big, some are small. Some are framed, some are canvases.  But the portraits of my family are everywhere. (One of these days when I have a clean house, I will take some pictures and share them here.)

So when I go to a client’s home and see my images of their loved one everywhere, it makes my heart smile.

Here is one such wall gallery on a client’s wall. I have been photographing this little guy and his parents for over a year now. I am sure if you look close, you will recognize those images!