My Baby Graduated

Many of you may know that I was a teacher in my former life. I taught preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. I have seen many parents come through and weep at that first day….weep when the school year was over…weep when their child sang their heart out at the end of the year program. I gave that sympathetic smile when our eyes met, but I never really understood that feeling.

Until now.

I am THAT parent. The one who doesn’t get it until she is a parent herself. The parent you NEVER thought you would be.

I am telling you now, you will be that parent….if you aren’t already.

My baby graduated preschool this week. She sang her heart out at the end of the year program. And yes, tears filled my eyes as we hit this milestone. One of many to come I know.

Oh, and she was awarded Most Stylish at graduation. Obviously I spend more time making sure SHE looks good than myself, cause y’all know, I wouldn’t be winning that award!

Here is my big girl.

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