It is because of you…

I made a couple changes….added a few things to the site. One of those additions is my testimonials section. I would get clients sending me emails, texts, voice mails, letting me know what they thought of their experience with me. It warmed my heart, and made me thrilled to be doing the job I am.

But a good friend told me, this is what you want others to read when they visit your site. It is because others have been happy that makes new clients believe in me a little bit more.

My business can only survive with satisfied clients.
But I want to go beyond satisfied, I want to thrill, delight, amaze.

If I have been fortunate to work with you, please let me know about your experience.
Not only will it help me improve my relationship with future clients, but I can showcase your testimonials, so others can feel confident working with Britt Anderson Photography.


Since no post on a photographers page is complete without a picture, here is the latest from my bottle of sunshine at the beach.

Chicago and Lake County Illinois Photographer