Surprise! We’re Married! | Engagement Photographer

Dunne’ contacted me back in March to schedule an engagement session for her and her fiance who were going to be in Savannah for a little vacation.
You know why I loved Dunne’ from the start? She asked a million questions! This was a lady who knew what she wanted. I love that. I knew then whether she chose me or not, she would be happy with who she chose because she would choose the best fit for her. Thankfully, I got the chance!

When we met up in May, it was of course HOT. Is it ever not hot in Savannah?

I saw these two all snazzy, looking great. Their first word to me was hello, and the next words were

“Well, we just got married!”

That is right, they decided to just go for it and get married in our beautiful, picturesque Savannah. So now I wasn’t doing engagement portraits for them anymore, I was suddenly doing wedding portraits!

No pressure.

Congratulations Dunne’ and Chris. It was so wonderful meeting you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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