Welcome Home! | Fort Stewart Photographer

This young lady was brought to me by a fellow photographer friend. She was looking for someone to photograph the homecoming of her fiance at Fort Stewart.

Hollie traveled from California with her future mother in law, future sister in law and her boyfriend to welcome home Jeremiah.

Like most homecomings, they are planned far in advance, but often change many, many times. This homecoming was no exception.

First July, no May, no June….then June 11th, no June 12th @7:55pm, no June 13th at @10:05am, no June 13th @5:45am….yes, you read that right, 5:45 AM!!!

While I am not one who usually gets up at 4am, I was honored to this day. Even my husband and 5 year old came with because they were excited to see what a homecoming event was like.

How can you not get choked up at this?

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