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I am excited to announce that I have been invited to speak at the first in a new series of workshops in Indianapolis.
Connie Phillips, of Connie Phillips Photography, will be hosting a series of workshops at her studio, Indy Studio Share aimed at new and up and coming photographers.

My first love, and career was teaching. I taught everything from pre-school to 3rd grade. I really loved it, but then Miss Annika came along, and I was afforded the opportunity to stay with her and pursue my other love, photography. While I am feeling so blessed to be able to be a photographer, I do miss teaching. Well, now I get the chance to do both!

The workshops are all about introducing newcomers to good business practices and solid professional techniques in order to elevate the competitive field in our industry. It is perfect for anyone 0-3 years in, as well as natural light photographers who want hands-on help with alternative methods of lighting.

After moving to Savannah, in two short years I developed a fabulous client base and quickly increased my bottom line. I am having another go at it as I move back to the Chicago area, but armed with what I have learned from starting a business from scratch the first time, I know I can create a strong business here as well.

I look forward to working with my new clients here in Chicago, as well as all of my former clients in Savannah.