Gorgeous Lake Forest | Commercial Photographer

I love exploring local areas…finding new spots. Recently I was brought on again by Make It Better magazine to photograph some spots around Lake Forest, IL. They were doing their monthly around town feature, and this month it was Lake Forest! It was great to take a tour of this incredible area of the North Shore, especially checking out the shops in Market Square. Below is the article on Lake Forest, featuring my photographs! I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing my name in print…..ego much?

Lake Forest Commercial Photographer

Check out the great locations featured here!

1. Forest Park Beach
2. Lake Forest Book Store 680 N. Western Ave. 847 234 4420
3. Southgate Cafe 655 Forest Ave. 847-234-8800
4. The Lantern 768 N. Western Ave. 847-234-9844
5. Market Square
6. The Mustard Seed 202 E. Westminster 847-735-0211
7. The Left Bank 659 N. Bank Ln. 847-234-4770

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