My Baby is a Kindergartner!

Ok first, it took me like 8 tries before I finally spelled Kindergartner correctly….I was starting to think it wasn’t a real word! Either that, or spell check was on the fritz. It has been known to do that ya know.

I am SO that mom. I was a teacher for over 12 years before I left teaching to stay home with my baby…yes, this baby, the one sitting in a Kindergarten classroom right at this moment.

Parents would drop off their child. Often, if it was their first kid, there would be some tears (from both mom and child), and there would be those looks. The ones where they want to have faith that all will go well. That I will be a great teacher, I will take great care of their child, I will make their child the smartest  he could be. I would reassure both kids and parents that everything would be fine. Of course it would be, why are these parents worrying???

Yep, I get it now.

I am that mom.

I am the mom sitting here on pins and needles hoping Annika is doing ok.
I am the mom sitting here wondering if she is making friends.
I am the mom sitting here hoping she loves school as much as I want her to love school.

I am that mom….

and I am ok with it.

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