Gorgeous Open House | North Shore Photographer

There is nothing like being able to build your dream house!

I was hired by a couple who was having an Open House to celebrate the completion of their dream house. They have worked hard all their lives, and it was evident in all the details of this gorgeous home that that hard work paid off.

Over the course of two days, I photographed not only this beautiful house on the North Shore, but the many guests that came to celebrate with them. Not to mention, all the yummy goodies that were served!

I even got to photograph the Hanukat Ha’Bayit ceremony, which is the Dedication of the Home. A Mezuzah is fastened to the outside of the door post, and usually on the right hand side as one enters. This is because when you enter the house, it is customary to kiss your finger tips and touch the Mezuzah. The Mezuzah is actually a rolled up parchment with a Jewish blessing written on it placed inside the decorative case you see on the door post. After hanging, a prayer is recited, along with a second blessing.

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