First Snow! | Lake County Photographer

I was all prepared to go for my walk/run today and come back to post a recent client session.
But instead, I woke up to snow!

It was the pretty snow, the kind with the HUGE flakes that fall slowly down. The kind that makes me glad to now live in Chicago rather than Savannah.
(Don’t worry, in a couple months I will be griping about shoveling, ice, snow tires while my friends down south bask in their fall like weather.)

SO here are some cell phone shots of the snow that fell during my walk. Well, I lied. The first image in the top left was of my back yard with my “fancy” camera. The bottom left image was the snow falling while I dropped my daughter off at school, which almost threatened to cancel my run.

The others were from Grant Woods where I go to run a few times a week. Just gorgeous!

Lake Villa Antioch Grayslake Illinois Photographer