One Big Happy (and Energetic!) Family | Libertyville Photographer

This family came to me, looking for photographs of their newly blended family. Finding a day that would fit 5 kids busy schedules, as well as the parents AND get great weather looked to be an impossible task, but we managed to figure it out!

To say I was a bit nervous to photograph 5 kids between the ages of  7 and 11 would be an understatement.
Then, to find out 4 of the 5 were boys.

 I was freaking out.

Turns out, they all couldn’t wait to get photographed!
They even had ideas of their own for me!

This couldn’t have gone better. Kids were great, Mom and Dad were excited to get some of themselves since they didn’t get too  much of a chance when they got married a few months ago, and the weather was perfect!

We met up at Independence Grove in Libertyville, which is quickly becoming a favorite spot for clients!

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