Lifestyle Photography – Ten on Ten

I love joining inspirational photography projects. This one was done with a group of 10 photographers, and each month we will be posting 10 on 10.

Everyone can interpret it their own way…some may post their 10 favorite images from the month….some may post 10 images from a session….some may post 10 images from an event. The best part is we are all inspired to do something each month.

So this month I went a little literal and took 10 shots of my sweet Annika doing what she does every day after school….well, except for one thing. I actually got a picture of her napping! That NEVER happens. She must have been tuckered out.

I love these photographs, not just because they are of my sweetie pie, but because I am trying to extend my photographic reach with lifestyle portraits. Trying to capture more in the moment images.

So here are my 10….please check out Amy’s 10 on 10 as well, she is a Chicago Lifestyle Photographer. As you check out each photographer, there will be a link to the next person in the group. Keep clicking and check us all out….even better, leave a comment and tell us what you think!