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Black and White….or Color? | Lake County, IL Photographer

So, I finally got a new headshot done…ugh.
Why are we all so critical of self portraits?

Anyway, I can never decide, which is better. I almost always choose black and white, it seems more flattering.

What do you think?
Which should I use as my new headshot?

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  • Marla

    Most of the time I go for black and white, but I really like your color headshot. The color of your top, the green background and color of your hair all blend so well together. Also your top compliments your eyes..

    You look gorgeous, Britt.

  • Laura Caplan

    I love both, but would like to see the color version for now at least. It is spring time and I love the colors in your top and the green in the background. I think it shows your positive energy, beauty and a fun personality.

  • JILL

    Hmmm… tough call. The yellow animal on your shirt is distracting to me in the color version but not so much in the black and white. But, I really like how the green background picks up your eye color. I think in this case, I prefer the color version.

    It is a beautiful photo!

  • evie

    Color for me!! It just POPS!

  • i like them both but i think the B&W is my fav.

  • Candace Perry

    Color! :)

  • Susanna

    I love the color, which is unusual for me, but the color really brings out the sparkle in your eyes! It’s an awesome pic! You look gorgeous, I find it hard to believe you take a bad pic!

  • I think the colored one is better. Your eyes are really striking you know. The green color even evokes more emotions. You couldn’t capture that using the black and white.

  • They are both great but I love your black & white processing so that would be my pick :)

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