Happy Easter! | North Shore Child Photographer

If you are a fan of Pinterest (and if you aren’t, what are you waiting for???!!!), odds are you have seen this Easter Egg Garland idea floating around recently.

Well, being the wanna be crafty mom, I decided to try this out with my own daughter.

Ahhhh, grand plans.

We started with trying to blow up the water balloons….which proved to be VERY difficult, so if you can find regular small balloons, get those instead.

North Shore Illinois Child Photographer

Next, we wrapped the balloons with the flour/starch mixture and embroidery floss.
We tried everything to get it to not knot up…but to no avail.
But we managed it in the end
(with a few choice words from me)

Lake County Illinois Child Photographer

Next the dreaded drying part….you know, the time where your child asks EVERY FIVE SECONDS

“are they dry yet?”
“are they dry yet?”
“are they dry yet?”
“are they dry yet?”

Even though we did them at night and told her they wouldn’t be dry until the morning.

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But after much patience, and some serious excitement over popping the balloons the next morning, we had a cute little centerpiece.

Easter Egg Illinois

I hope your family is enjoying this holiday season no matter how you celebrate!