SO Excited!!!

As many of you know, I was a teacher in my former life…..and there is a big part of me that misses that.
So I decided to put my two loves together, photography and teaching and create Bring It In Focus.

Bring It In Focus Photography Blog

This blog came about because I am always getting friends and family ask,

“Why is my picture always blurry?”
“How can I get my kid to smile?”
“Why won’t my camera focus?”
“What should I wear for my session?”
“Can you make me look 20lbs lighter?”

I love to talk (or in this case write) and I love to teach.
So I figure I can share what I know….or seek out the answers for you and give them to you in Bring It In Focus.

The word focus has two meanings here. One, the more literal meaning, bring my pictures in focus. Make them look great! The second, is the general focus on life. Being a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, small business owner…whatever you want to call me, has some challenges. So I will also be sharing how I, and other moms out there, keep the focus on what is important and how to balance work and home.

I hope you will come visit, I have my going LIVE post up now. I will be sharing often, so make sure to bookmark me, subscribe to me, fan me, follow me, whatever! Just keep in touch.