Happy Birthday My Six Year Old!

I can’t believe I am writing another “my baby is one year older” post.
We have had 5 years old and 4 years old on the blog….and now we have SIX!

I keep typing out all this fantastic stuff to write about her….and I delete it, for fear of bragging….but guess what.

Here come the brags!!!!

Annika is finishing up Kindergarten and doing so well.
As a former Kindergarten teacher, I can honestly say, with an educational background, with a Masters in Gifted Education that she is a GENIUS!  Nope, no bias here!

Annika loves exploring and creating….her imagination amazes me every day.

She is loving and caring (she even said she would love me until everyone in the entire galaxy dies…..now THAT is love!)

She is polite and considerate.

She is why I only had one kid….no way could I get this lucky a second time.

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