Meet Miss Lily | Wauconda Photographer

I am so excited to share these images of Miss Lily. I have known about Lily for some time now, and it finally worked out that she was in town so I could photograph her.

There are many reasons why Miss Lily is so special. That infectious laugh she has….her ability to hop like a frog….and her toughness at a mere 2 years old.

retinoblastoma detection

Miss Lily has Retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer of the eye. She has gone through a lot since she was diagnosed 9 months ago. Her affected eye was removed and she was fitted with a new eye! She goes in for check ups every couple months to continue to monitor, and as of last month she was declared cancer free!!!
It is interesting that many cases of Retinoblastoma are detected through photographs. You know how when you use your pop up flash on your camera, and you get the dreaded red eye? Well, someone with Retinoblastoma will instead have a “white eye”….or a white glow where you would normally see a red glow in the pupil.


So now that Miss Lily was in Illinois, we found a time to meet up at Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda. It was a chilly day (considering it was in the 90’s the day before!), but we had a ton of fun running around the park, looking at the wildlife and hopping like frogs.

I dare you not to smile after seeing these.

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