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Don’t Let Go – Ten on Ten

As I was going through my grandmother’s desk the other day, I realized a couple things.

One, as you age, you are required to accumulate hundreds of greeting cards. Yes, at some point in time, you may have 30 some odd friends who get engaged and you will need to send a card to congratulate them.
Two, one can never have too many paper clips….no matter how rusty they are.

However, I did find a few interesting things that made me wonder….why did my grandmother hold on to these things?

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  • I love how vintage all these items are! I’d love to hear the story behind them all as well!

  • How special that you have your grandmother’s desk, still full of her treasures. Fun for me to see my hometown of Auburn, AL right at the top of that 1950 census. Love the conversion on these too.

  • Heidi Roberts

    I would love to hear the stories behind each of these items. History fascinates me, but when seeing items such as these and having a family connection in some way, it makes it all the more special. Love this post!

  • You photographed and processed these so perfectly. I’m sure there are fascinating stories behind each!

  • Kelly Q

    What a fun treasure hunt. I’m sure all the stories behind them could keep us entertained for hours.

  • Tracy

    These are awesome!! I love the texture, the tint, the comp. Just gorgeous images. So vintage looking.

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