Another School Year, and Goodbye Savannah

It’s official.
As of today….

My baby is in First Grade.
And it is officially time to say goodbye to Savannah.

Both events happening on the same day….both events bring me happiness as well as sadness.

Happy my little girl is growing into such a beautiful and intelligent young lady.
Happy my house has finally sold.

Sad my little girl is growing up TOO fast.
Sad I don’t know when I will be back in Savannah.

Happy Annika loves school and was excited to go this morning.
Happy I am not paying a mortgage on a house I don’t get to enjoy.

Sad Annika will be away from me more than with me.
Sad I will have to say, “Sorry, I won’t be in town that weekend”  to my clients in Savannah.

Of course there had to be a picture…actually Annika made sure to remind me that I had to take a picture…that doesn’t happen very often.

1st Day of School - Britt Anderson Photography