Elf on the Shelf – Week 1…yes, we are doing it

Another year, another year for Elf on the Shelf!!!

Ahhh, the Elf us moms love to hate….and hate to love.

Before I go into our first week with Elfie, I did some googling, looking for new ideas, because come on…there are a LOT of days to cover, not to mention you can’t repeat from last year right?

I am humored to see so many blog posts dedicated to dissing Elf on the Shelf….and while I continue to delve into the life that is Elf on the Shelf, I have to nod my head right along with the mommy bloggers who dislike him so.

Sometimes our Elfie will do “naughty” things

…like write his name in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror…and Elfie is supposed to be reporting back to Santa when Annika misbehaves!!!
The nerve of Elfie being “bad” and turning around and tattling on Annika for being bad herself.
I get it.

Well, I am lucky, Annika has yet to make that connection….phew!
Not to mention, I have never had to pull the, “Elfie is watching you!!!” card.

Elf on the Shelf

If only Elfie cleaned up after himself

Yeah, I realized this one last year when I did the snow angel in the sugar bit…it sure was adorable, until I had to clean it all up.

You would have thought I learned my lesson, but no….I decide to put toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror. There is no greater pain then standing at the mirror for what seemed like hours, trying to take off the dried up toothpaste that was left by Elfie.

Oh wait, there is…cleaning up all the shaving cream I had used FIRST, but realized it just dripped down the mirror, leaving the message unreadable.

Elf on the Shelf

The 1am rush to get something done for the next day

This is probably the one that will cause me to quit first.

To be laying in bed, dreaming of the coffee I will be drinking the next morning, only to be awoken by the horror you haven’t put Elfie in motion for the next day. Thankfully I have my trusty iPhone with my Pinterest account hooked up. Scroll through, try and find the easiest one I can pull off with my eyes half shut…in the dark.

Elf on the Shelf

Creepy…yes, creepy

I see the word creepy being used a LOT when describing Elf on the Shelf.
What is it about a smiley little cherub with long eyelashes that creeps us out so much?

No idea…but it does.

And for some, it does a LOT.
For kicks, head over to the Amazon page for Elf on the Shelf, and see what some of the reviewers are saying…some are REALLY against Elf….like, WOW against.

Elf on the Shelf

SO while yes, I see a bunch of legitimate reasons NOT to do Elfie….I love it for my daughter. To see her giggle when waking up to see what Elfie is up to next…and getting a giggle out of any kid when you wake them up for school is a huge feat in of itself and you know it.

If her behavior hinged on Elfie…we wouldn’t be doing it.
If she was freaked out by those rosie cheeks…we wouldn’t be doing it.
If I had better things to do with my time…we wouldn’t be doing it.

Elf on the Shelf

But we are….and I am ok with it.

 However….if you are someone who cringes when Elf season arrives…you must not have seen the Naughty Elf on the Shelf showcase.

THAT alone makes Elf on the Shelf worth it.

Elf on the Shelf

So what do you think about the Elf on the Shelf craze?
Feel free to comment.

tell me I am a whackadoodle for doing it….
tell me I am a grinch for agreeing with the nay-sayers….
or heck, even tell me I am brilliant…I accept it all.