Say Good-Bye Double Chin!

The number one question asked by female clients….can you get rid of my double chin?

I always share these tips (ones I shared on my Bring it in Focus blog), so I thought I would just add it to my portrait site as well!

As a photographer, I never want to capture a double chin for my client….and as the subject of a photograph, I never want to have a double chin.

Ultimately, losing a few lbs will go a long way to helping that cause, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what size you are, the double chin can always rear its ugly head in photographs.

Whether you are having your picture taken, or the one taking the pictures, here are a few tips so you can say goodbye to the double chin!

First, posture! It is SO important to stand up straight. No need to be a solider at attention, but hunched shoulders will not help.

Second, don’t lift your chin. So many clients will lift up their chin, thinking if you lift your chin you will eliminate the double chin. The exact opposite is true. What happens is it just opens up the area even more, creating no jaw line. The key to eliminating the double chin is the jaw line.

Third, forehead out. Well, it really is face out, but when I say face, I get everyone lifting their chin up, which brings up back to the second tip. When I say forehead out, it forces you to think of your whole face…..ok, hands up, who has already stuck their forehead out while they were reading? Come on, admit it, you were.

Finally, make sure the camera is slightly above you. You don’t want to be looking UP at the camera, but having the camera slightly above you will help eliminate that little bit of chin.

So I took my brave sister out and tried our tricks out. Now, she doesn’t have to be that brave since she is gorgeous in both shots, but I did warn her I would photograph her in the least flattering way, and again using my tricks.

The first image, I told her to look at me and smile. My sister and I were about the same height here. This is her natural pose.

Then, I stepped on a bench, about 6 inches off the ground, and told my sister to stick her forehead out.

Eliminate double chin from portraits

I know what some of you are saying, I wish I could look my best at her worst! But hopefully you will see that these little tricks can take a nice photograph to the most flattering photograph!

And for THE BEST video with examples on how to project the forehead and eliminate the double chin, check out Peter Hurley’s video, It’s All About The Jaw. The man is a genius!