Well Lookie Over Here!

A couple of my very favorite clients have been featured in the latest edition of CHIC Magazine!

My friend Tracy was writing an article for the magazine on “Props with Words”, and was looking for some images to go with it. Well, I knew I had a some that would work perfectly!

First up was Anne and Will, who came to me a couple years ago for engagement portraits. I loved this image, it is one of my favorites ever. Seeing them in the background, faded in a kiss with “she said yes” pinned to the foreground.

Chic Magazine Feature Props

My next feature was a little more recent. You may remember my session with Chris and Patience and their little guy Quinn. I have to give the credit here to Patience, as she had been taking pictures with Quinn documenting their journey through adoption with pictures and words. This time Patience wanted to commemorate the date they became a “Forever Family”. I love how Quinn is even pointing to the sign as if to say, “WOO HOO!”

Chic Magazine Feature Props