Common Questions

When should I schedule my session?

– Sessions are typically booked out 1-2 months in advance with April-June and September-November being the busiest times of the year. Weekends are most popular, so if you require a weekend session, the sooner you schedule the better! Fall is a busy time as families prepare for the holidays, so you should book holiday sessions in late summer to ensure availability. Session dates and times can only be held with a paid session fee or retainer.

What if it rains?

– We all know how Mother Nature can be unpredictable. If rain causes us to reschedule, reschedule we will! I will be in touch with you the day of your session to determine if we need to cancel. All cancellations are at my discretion.

Couple Engagement PortraitWhat should we wear?

– Probably the most common question asked! My first response is, be yourself! Stick with the style and color palette that fits your family. I always say coordination is the key, but not matchy, matchy. You want your images to be classic and timeless, but with a hint of flair of the day. Best thing to do, go through my galleries and see how other people dressed! What jumps out at you? If you haven’t discovered the greatness that is Pinterest yet…head on over to my What To Wear Board and you will continually find new pins of great ideas for all ages and times of year!

Where does the session take place?

– All sessions are on location. That means we will either meet at an outdoor space near you, or in your own backyard or house. I have a great inventory of locations that are sure to suit the style you are looking for, but if you have an idea, let me know! All newborn sessions are held in your house, where you are most comfortable.

How do I order prints and products?

– Within two weeks of your session, I will send you a link to my online shopping site. From here you will be able to see your images and make your choices for prints and products. As always, if you need any help deciding, let me know!

I can’t seem to figure out what I want, can you help?

– I am happy to provide complimentary in home consultations! Many times it is hard to envision what sizes you need and what will work best in your space. So let me come to you with ideas!

What products do you offer?

– At this time, you can check out the various products I have to offer by visiting my Pricing and Product Guide. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting items to offer you, so if you have an idea, let me know!Children Posing

Do you sell digital files?

– I do, however I consider them more of an insurance policy than my final product to you. I understand with the technology available today that digital files are important to my clients. You want to be able to share them with friends and family, you want everyone to be able to see your adorable cuties. I want to make that an option for you. With every print purchased, you will receive a free web sized file of that image. While you won’t be able to print from it, you will be able to share on Facebook, your blog or through email. As far as images so you can print them yourself, I do offer options within each collection for you to purchase your absolute favorites as digital images. I also offer what is called “gift print images” where you will be able to print your images up to size 5×7. This is a great way to get your favorite images as wall prints and in albums, and then be able to print out favorite images to share with friends and family in gift print sizes. You will receive the image(s) on a disk along with a print release so you can print whenever, or wherever you wish. I will also include recommended places for printing.

How do I prepare for a session?

– My first bit of advice, rest and relax! Make sure kiddos are well rested and well fed. Happy kids are photogenic kids! Don’t get a haircut the day of a session, but feel free to get your hair styled. Lay out your clothes the night before, make sure you have all your accessories picked out. Last, relax. I know I said that one already, but trust me when I say I will do all the work. I will get those smiles from your kids, no need to practice saying cheese!