I Knew Her When

I was introduced to Gabriela a few months ago when we met on a model shoot out I did with some fellow photographers (check out those pics here!)

Gabriela is a recent graduate from Woodlands Academy in Lake Forest, IL and on to bigger and better things this fall as she heads off to Berklee College of Music to continue her passion for music.

She is a seriously talented singer, writing her own music. She will be debuting her first album on iTunes soon, so of course she needed some artwork to accompany her music. She contacted me, asking if I was interested….of course!

We got to try some new things, she wanted something vintage style and whimsical, something at night since the title of her album is  “Insomnia (Knows My Secrets)”.

We headed out into the woods behind my house for some pretty awesome images if I do say so myself.

Gabi is amazing, and I can’t wait to see where her musical path leads her….and yes, I will say I knew her when!
(Wonder if I can convince her to dedicate her first Grammy Award to me?)

Lake Forest Senior PhotographerLake Forest Senior PhotographerLake Forest Senior Photographer