A Forever Family | Antioch Family Photographer

I have known Patience for a long time. We both started our teaching careers in Antioch, her in Special Education and me in Kindergarten. She moved on to a new district, but thanks to Facebook, we have been able to reconnect. It was here that I found out her and her high school sweetheart husband were trying to have a baby. I was excited for her, as I knew the joys of having a baby myself, especially after having some issues trying to conceive.

But it was a harder road for Chris and Patience. After many years and many options exhausted, they decided to pursue adoption as the way to expand their family.

Of course, this wasn’t an easy road either, it required a lot of patience waiting for the call.

Well, that call came…and it was an unexpected one at that. There was a baby waiting for them, and the mom was looking for Patience and Chris to be his parents. In less than a week, Quinn was in their arms, in their home.

I was thrilled when Patience called about getting “Forever Family” portraits done. Quinn became an official part of their family less than a month ago, and now at 8 months old, he is as happy as could be in his forever home.

Quinn was ALL smiles. It was a little chilly, it was damp, and for me at least, it was nap time! But he gave me smiles the whole time. How could you not eat this little guy up???

Antioch Family PhotographerAntioch Family PhotographerAntioch Family Photographer